Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Tips on Choosing the Right Waterjet Cutting Service

When you need a waterjet cutting service, you may be confused about which type of machine you need. Generally, you need to give detailed instructions and measurements to the service. It is also important to tell them how precisely you want the cut to be done, as many vendors choose the fastest cutting speed without considering its impact on tolerance. Besides, a high-quality waterjet cutting service will offer you a customized design to match your specifications.

Know precisely what materials you want to modify:

Before hiring a waterjet cutting service, you need to know precisely what materials you want to modify. Do you need a large batch of parts or only one-off prototypes? Or will you require a small number of items? Some manufacturers produce one-offs, while others produce thousands of pieces each month. Whatever the case, it is vital to find a manufacturer that understands how to jet cut different materials. Metal, for instance, comes in different styles and thicknesses, which will influence which waterjet cutting method is best for your project.

Consider the price of the service:

Another critical factor to consider is the price of the service.A waterjet service with a single cutting head typically costs AED100-AED135 per hour. However, higher-end models can cost up to AED2,000 per hour. When comparing waterjet cutting services to other types of cutting, you should consider the cost per square inch of material. It is also essential to understand that waterjet cutting takes longer than laser or plasma cutting.

Must know what materials you need:

Before choosing a waterjet cutting service, you must know what materials you need.Some types of materials are better suited for waterjet cutting than others. For example, waterjet cutting can cut various metals and tempered glass. Its high-pressure stream can also cut intricate designs. Many variables can affect the quality of the cut, including the taper. Some of these factors can be eliminated, but some need to be compensated.

When it comes to materials, waterjet cutting services can cut various materials. They can shape and modify materials to meet your specifications. The process is very efficient and produces less scrap. Moreover, waterjet cutting can cut various materials, including plastics and metals. It can even shape custom logos. It also has many other benefits. It can produce a variety of components and shapes for companies of all sizes.

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